Maple Syrup by TiF

Intertwined amongst this Independent Recording Artist’s creations are several aspects of the Los Angeles lifestyle, with the addition of soulful RnB and vibrant Pop-inspired components. Throughout her evolution as an artist, TIF has absorbed various forms of training in the fields of vocal recording, choreographing, and modeling from Musician’s Institute and several agencies for the growing span of over 10 years. Additionally, an official business partner with several roles for Vision Talent Agency and a Social Media Manager for UnRuly Agency. Supporters are evoked by the sounds of all TIF Tunes, a true hybrid of mesmerizing nostalgia and undeniable bliss. Current releases include the alluring single, Maple Syrup, with a present project in progress. 

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Maple Syrup:

Written & Composed by TiF

Produced by All Time Silk 

Cover Art by Mads

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