Podcasts to listen to: Get Out The House! 

Here’s a very fun podcast recommendation, it’s a comedic horror film review podcast called Get Out The House! 

Hello Killers, Queens, and everybody in between! Get Out The House is a comedic podcast where your hosts Ash, Zannie, and Nick discuss horror movies through a racial lens, specifically asking why white people do what they do in horror movies. The catch? Nick, our resident white person, is tasked with defending each of those white characters’ decisions. So lock those doors and join us on this hilarious and terrifying journey. Follow Get Out The House on IG and Twitter @GetOutThePod

Ash Diggs is currently in Burlington, VT while the other co-hosts, Zannie and Nick are based in New Orleans. This podcast is streaming on all platforms and is about 11 episodes in. This podcast is released on a bi-monthly schedule. So check it out!

Get Out The House! Episode 10 : Poltergeist (1982) – You Gotta Throw The Whole Kid Away

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