“PSYCHE” by Olivia Royal

The PSYCHE Mixtape is a brand new take on the pop girl group. A girl group of Olivia Royal’s alter egos, Olivia is challenging the notion that we all belong in brand boxes by taking it to the extreme. Comprised of Olivia’s head (Cassie), heart (Isabela), and gut (Yummy) PSYCHE is a new way to think about the ways we present ourselves to the world and who we believe ourselves to be.

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Olivia Royal is an artist from Chicago, IL, she is primarily a singer, songwriter, and producer but takes on any skill necessary to realize her vision, including rapping, acting, dancing, graphic design, and video creation. A classically trained vocalist, she began singing for audiences at the age of 3 and writing songs at 7. She began producing after realizing the freedom it allowed her as a woman in music. She decided she did not have time to wait around on boys to produce music for her and took it upon herself to learn the craft.

Olivia’s sound often crystalizes into something which falls along the spectrum of RnB and pop music but she pulls inspiration from many sources. From the Beyonce music videos that first enchanted her to her mother’s jazz shows she grew up attending to the Berlin nightlife she experienced, Olivia has love for all kinds of music. Olivia’s lyrics are often inspired by stories from mythology, history, and psychology. Love is the lyrical center of many of her songs because she believes love songs have underrated power. She strives to explore many different ideas within the context of a love song. Olivia hopes to create art that serves as a personal reminder of how she is connected to the universe and people across the world.

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