“The Well” by Jordon Bolden

JORDON BOLDEN is a multi-hyphenate musician and tv actor/producer from Seattle Washington. Growing up in a Baptist church, he became a choir director at 9 years old and discovered creating his own music during the after-service band sessions. His music is as biracial as his DNA – taking influence from his father’s taste in John P. Kee and Earth Wind & Fire to his mother’s liking of Bruce Springsteen and Prince. He’s had the pleasure of playing stages such as The Apollo, KeyArena, SOB’s, and CenturyLink stadium. Outside of music, Jordon works on various projects with studios such as Netflix, HBO, and Hulu, and enjoys dog-dad life beside his pup, Sampson. “The Well” is a new beginning for Jordon’s music, focusing on healing the soul behind his black queer experience.

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