“adoration” by J.Scott

‘adoration’, the sophomore EP from Pop/R&B artist J.Scott, represents an inner renaissance that he had within himself. “As a black, queer man from the south navigating through this time, I just needed to fall in love with myself again,” describes the up-and-coming NYC-based artist. This four-track EP explores the multifaceted experiences of black queer romance. J.Scott explains, that “in my world, you meet someone at a club, do drugs, have sex and then you wake up wondering if you fell in lust or love.” This EP is love, sex, and more love. Released on June 26, 2020, ‘adoration’ is coming up on its one year anniversary.

Photo by Kalyn Jacobs

Genre-defying J.Scott is an ever-evolving singer-songwriter derived from the slums of Jacksonville, FL. Born Javon Scott, the classically trained vocalist found his love for music at a young age through singing in church and classical choirs. In 2018 he released his debut EP “Call Me When You Get This” – a collection of Pop/R&B moods. As his voice pierces through a variety of textures, the singer meshes the influences of Kelis, Brandy, and Stevie Wonder to formulate old-school melodies over new school sounds. J.Scott’s music is unfiltered and bold, giving listeners a sense of joy, unexplainable confidence, and the freedom to escape life’s everyday troubles. As an openly gay black male, the vocalist acknowledges the obstacles that may be against him in the music industry. He encourages his supporters (aka the #ScottieHotties) to trust their gifts and work hard to fulfill their dreams because anything is possible. 

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