“check ur phone” by Melo Relo

My name is Matt Hoffman, or more commonly known by my bedroom-pop/producer alter ego, Melo Relo. I’m an artist from the suburbs of Rockville, Maryland working basically full-time to create content and build an audience among the east coast alternative-indie songwriters. My production is influenced by some of my favorite artists, such as Her’s, Still Woozy, and Frank Ocean, which has led to my fluid guitar-driven electronic pop. The storytelling behind my songs is basically journaled entries of different love stories I’ve lived over my 23 years of life, and my hope is that by reflecting on them, others might get something positive from that, maybe catharsis or maybe just the feeling of “hey, I’m not alone in feeling like this”.     

My recent release “check ur phone” is about modern dating in a world where it’s easy to get affection and validation for the preview of yourself you create on social media, but if you open up your authentic self to someone, then authentic love and acceptance will find you. But if you never allow yourself to be seen, to be vulnerable, how will anyone really know you? It was produced by myself, Sensu, and beardy. I also helped direct a music video with Universal’s YMSKZY that follows this theme, focusing on a female lead (Lena Bradley/ @suicune.jpg on Instagram) applying makeup, preparing to go out, and having a selfie photoshoot while I perform the song in alternating shots. The song released on all platforms through Too Lost distribution on April 21. My audience in Brazil has particularly enjoyed the track, which I’m incredibly grateful for, largely thanks to the page 孤独なghost for reposting the song with a sick video edit. 

Listen to check ur phone here

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