“Complicated” by Savaiah

“I am a new recording artist, actress, dancer, model, and composer – songwriter and currently live and work within the Bay Area. I actually did not grow up in a very musical family but my father was a singer/rapper in the Bay Area. Since my dad’s passing,I strive to fulfill my destiny and finish his dream as well. I always knew my time would come to create my own music, and finally released this song at the age of 15.  I gathered so much inspiration from times when I was hurt or just special moments in the songwriting process. I actually wrote complicated about a year ago a little unfinished and found this incredible producer, Bees and Birds, and worked with him through the process. The song was about the complicity of my feelings throughout my breakup. I was very undecided with my feelings since I loved him but there were underlying problems. This results into reminiscing and debating with myself. I had so much to express and write at that point in my life and that was the true inspiration. This song to me is different than most RNB, and brings a pop and soul element. I wrote and co-produced it myself with bees and birds. I will forever love this song.”–Savaiah

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