Computers for the Hood (Album Review)

iNTeLL, mastermind behind 2ND GENERATION WU, son of Wu-Tang Clan’s U-God, and carrier of the legendary hip hop collective’s creative torch, ponders an important philosophical and theoretical question with producer DLP on his new album Computers For The Hood (out independently on June 9, 2021). “What could a young mind in the hood do with a computer? Create art? Start a business? I’m not sure, but if I could give out computers for the hood to find out, I would,” he contemplates. The record aims to unite old-school with new school, featuring guest spots from hip-hop legends Method Man,  Del tha Funkee Homosapien, R.A. The Rugged Man, among others. 

The album is a solid effort for an artist with the royal bloodline. The production is consistent and comfortable in its 90s boombap lane. iNTeLL holds his own against collaborators like Method Man with mastery over punchlines and fundamental hip hop flow. It’s a rapper’s rapper album and is best listened to on a hot day with the windows down on your chrysler 300c while you’re picking up gas (how you interpret that last line is up to you). Excited to see more work both iNTeLL and DLP, whatever is in the water over there is something special.

For the Fans of: 

  • Pro Era
  • Brockhampton (Saturation Era)
  • Navy Blue
  • Westside Gunn

Stand out tracks

  • Computers for the hood
  • Beastside Staten

Watch the Music Video for “KNOW THE GOSPEL” here:

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