Concreted Words by Fadrian Bartley

The metal door slams constantly
with noisy keys jingled through
tiny holes.

Behind the door of hades
heartbeats linger with despair,
and held on to memories they once had
to catch the morning sun,

Wretched state behind redemption,
and sorrowful thought sits
beside a bucket contain
their own uric acid.

waited shamefully for expulsion
of colon loose canal which stinks the air,
Orange suits unable to warms the heart
from inside the confine
state of cold emptiness.

Only disturb nights
with cries of the broken
at the hours after eleven,
but bless the hand sit hourly
and write poetry.

Only those who visit
will know hell’s identity.
Eyes of hate and fear
with no love inside share.

Minds of hurtful thoughts
and hearts cold as Antarctica.
all without warmth,
The only hell exist without fire.

Fadrian Bartley lives in Kingston, Jamaica and has a diploma in Customer Relations. His work has appeared in Aphelion webzine, The,, The horror-zine magazine, The Polemical-ezine, and the IHRAF- International human Rights Art festival. He can be reached at:

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