Confirmation by Jasmine Washington

Who knew that a little moment
You placing your arm around my waist
Would send electricity up my spine
Have butterflies fluttering in my stomach
A quiet sigh of relief
A small smile fighting the urge to creep on my face
That small moment was a confirmation,
confirmation that you liked me
Confirmation that we could cuddle and
watch a show
Confirmation that I could look at you with a
shy sly smile
Confirmation that I could go in for a kiss
and you would return it with sweet passion
Confirmation that we could explore the crevices
of one another with the slow burn of a kiss
Confirmation that I could be yours and you
could take me

Jasmine Washington is a Black woman from Houston, Texas who works as a library program specialist and dabbles in poetry from time to time. She grew up being an avid reader and can be found with her head in a young adult book or graphic novel. Much like her journal writing, she has found poetry to be a great release and expression of emotions and hopes sharing it will build connections and show others they’re not alone. 

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