Dis jOY Nt hIm by Winston TL


L.A. haze allays my heart hurt

in a daze caused by a comet [Gone bye]

            brain prays to malignant stars


Moon! align it?

for me and him!?!

                                     BLAH. AH AH.

“I find you very attractive –

  a good and sweet person

       with an affable personality.”


Today i pooped three times

Irrationally rationally

Photos of you turn me on

                           yet continue me to sob.

                                          Love in drama

When i was cleaning a glass drink straw,

it made me!

Un expect

wanna stroke your cock!

Winston TL is gayasian American poet of Taiwanese and Indonesian descent. He is currently an MFA in Creative Writing student in Pacific Lutheran University’s Rainier Writing Workshop. His writing has been published by decomp, EcoTheo Review, The Lit Pub, The Waking (Ruminate’s online publication), and elsewhere. His published work includes poetry, essays, & reviews, has been translated into Spanish, and has appeared in journals across three continents. Interests that complement his love for art include health, social sciences, and comparative theology & philosophy. Learn more about him here: http://about.me/winstontl

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