Disguises by Christine Hsu

I’m going to be a luchador for Halloween this year.
Is it cultural appropriation or not?
I got this cool cat luchador mask in Mexico City on vacation.
It’s black with blues trimming with whiskers and pointed ears.
I was excited to see a Japanese wrestler in the ring
Tugging, tossing and tumbling around with the Mexican wrestlers.
Ten years ago I went to a Halloween party in Chelsea, New York.
My friend dressed up as a candy corn – adorable.
One of her white friends dressed up as a geisha.
Hmm – that irked me – but I didn’t say anything.
Another white friend was wearing a sombrero, fake mustache and a pocho.
She joked that since her boyfriend was half Colombian – she had a pass.
Did she?
I didn’t even know what cultural appropriation was back then.
Last year, my friend Christal actually sent out an article about cultural appropriation
And what NOT to wear.
Well I’m pretty sure we can all say Megyn Kelly was a dumb-ass to say that blackface was fine.
When she was discussing Halloween costumes,
It was among an entirely white panel.
I think one day
If I am ever pregnant – I want to be Ali Wong from her comedy special – Baby Cobra.

Christine Hsu is a writer, playwright, and poet based in Oakland, CA. She has been published by The Bold Italic, xoJane, KQED, ABC News Radio Online, Yellow Arrow Journal, Lunchbox Moments, Slipform Poetry Anthology 2020, and DropOut Literary Magazine. Her play “I Love You But…” was a finalist in the Negro Ensemble Company – 10 Minute Play Competition, and her play “Faith” was a finalist for the Crafton Hills College – New Works Festival 2021.

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