GOAL Music Video by Keekai

Keekai is a New York based Filipinx artist with songs like ‘Show Me’ , and their most recent release, ‘Goal’. Their name originated from the Tagalog word kikay, roughly translated to girly. Keekai explains their connection to the word by saying, “After reclaiming the word kikay and reclaiming my queerness, I found that it really expanded my power against what everyone else was saying because I defined it by myself.” 

The music video plays with the “Goal” theme of this song by capturing Keekai in different forms of the masculine and feminine in the basketball court. It is a high-energy video that expands Keekai’s world in queerness and unapologetic expression. 

Watch the video here!

Connect with Keekai at https://linktr.ee/Keekai and via Instagram @keekai_bb

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