“Heart Series Part II” by Andrea Miranda

“A Bankside Dinner”

colored pencil on 11.75x 16.5”

“Picnic and Lover”

23”x33” colored pencil

“Heart Tears”

colored pencil on 11.75x 16.5”

Hearts filled up her eyes and love fell down her cheeks as she let her mind go still and her presence take over

For Part One of the “Heart Series”

Andrea Miranda is an international student graduate from the illustration class of 2020 at Falmouth University. She focuses on utilizing marks and patterns to tell a story. Andrea constructs her composition in a way that’ll make her designs have flow and movement, and add mesmerizing colors to best represent the piece.

More of Andrea’s Work in Mixed Mag: “Loodreams” (Issue 5)

Connect with the Artist: Website / Instagram (Art blog)

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