“Houses” by Aiden

Aiden, based in NYC, has been making music from his bedroom since 2018. From the recording process of “Houses” which started in April of 2020 to his new EP “Placid Creatures”, which comes out June 30th, Aiden is creating the melodic nostalgic feeling he’s been looking for in music.

“I wrote Houses in a time where I felt like I needed to reflect on my childhood as well as bring some light to the situations going on at the time of writing in April of 2020. I wanted the guitars to be foggy at times and difficult to grasp but other times very clear in the mix of it all. I wrote these songs in my bed in an attempt to create my first work of music. I remember the day I wrote the title track “Houses”. I was looking at my family’s Hi8 camcorder that my parents used to record home videos on, and I just started seeing all these different houses we moved through when I was 6 months to a year old. I remember thinking that this EP had to be called “Houses”. Another memory of the recording process o is when I recorded the last song “The End”. The day before my birthday I was doing a bunch of recording work for people so that I could afford these microphones to record the drums for that track. When I sat down and listened to the EP for the first time I was so shocked that I was able to complete this goal that at times I thought wouldn’t be possible.”

Photo by Jocelyn Bryant

“My new EP “Placid Creatures” which comes out June 30th, it definitely has some of the most vulnerable songs I’ve made to date. This new EP was recorded entirely to cassette because I knew this it was definitely going to be more melancholy than Houses and that warmth and noise you get from cassette tape had to be there. I’m super excited to share it.”

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