Jibril Hammond Artwork

“Dancing Under An Orange Sun”
“Birdseye of a Bedroom”
“Grammas couch”
“Yours, Mines, Hours”
“Family blues”
“Lonely circle”

Jibril grew up in Newark, NJ and lived there for majority of his child and young adult life. His family was poor, and lived in a very dangerous area. Taking to art very young, he would even draw on tissue paper if he had ran out of printing paper and continued drawing and other arts like dance in school. Then attending boarding school 6 hours away in a small town in Western Pennsylvania, at which this time, art was distant and education was the main focus. Until attending college, where a failed nursing career was fast approaching, Jibril had to figure something out quick. He saw his love for painting grow when he found himself painting on the floor of his college dorm room, and the dream transformed into a very real reality. After dropping out of college due to failed grades, he chose to chase after his dream and after countless open calls, art exhibitions, and traveling, he knew he could use this gift to touch the lives of many. 

“I create so that a look into my art can answer questions for yourself about yourself. I believe we all share similar experiences and this reality of humanness, where our biggest question is, who am I? What makes you, you, is your reality and your experiences and my art tells a story for many, including myself. My art can become many peoples stories.”

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