“Midnight X” by DISQK

“Midnight X” is DISKQ’s post-pandemic exploration of the process of finding new meaning, connections, and identity in a cold apocalyptic landscape. The thematic 90s pop inspired EP centers around characters dancing the night away while being lonely in a city, searching for joy in the fleeting and temporary moments despite the darkness that creates the sense of unease behind us. As people struggle with temporary love, addiction, and excess, there is a sense of humanness in the choreographed motion and loneliness in a city, as if it’s something that unites us rather than isolate us.

Listen to Midnight X Here: Spotify / Apple Music / Soundcloud

DISKQ is an independent Korean American dark pop producer-writer and experimental artist based in LA. She creates and directs her own music and visuals, building sonic worlds based in nostalgia and escapism. Her sound is inspired by video games, downtempo, and 2000s/90s pop. She’s performed at the virtual Joy Ruckus Club festival alongside big kpop names such as Eric Nam, and has been featured on the NTS Radio as part of the Adidas “First Drop”. Recently she’s been into making tiktoks. @diskqmusic

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