PINK PLAID by Mary Jones

“ANIMA” AUG 2020/Models (from Top to Bottom) Gracie Rowland (She/Her), Linda Arnoldus (She/Her), Bobbi Calmes (She/Her)

Pink Plaid is a conscious creative outlet, passionately created by Mary Jones of Starkville, Mississippi. Pink Plaid explores experimentalism, fluidity, and clothing without borders for the sake of celebrating secondhand/repurposed fibers and all walks of life.

Specializing in fashion photography, styling, graphic design, fashion production, sewing, and creative direction, the mission statement between all mediums is to keep one of a kind pieces in circulation, aiming to deplete fast fashion purchases.

Pink Plaid’s muses simply stem from creation- found in nature as well as people; all perspectives, all colors, all sizes, all textures contribute to the larger picture, meaning we all resemble puzzle pieces. 

Photographer: Mary Jones

Models: Salem Seymour (She/They), Maria Ashmouni (They/Them), Makayla Smith (She/Her), Gracie Rowland (She/Her), Linda Arnoldus (She/Her), Bobbi Calmes (She/Her), Yuri Talevera (She/Her), Jaylon Ford (He/Him), Carl Bledsoe (He/Him), Sumo (She/Her)

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