Pride (featuring Kirian Rodríguez) by Seigar

This series shows a trans man wearing a rainbow necklace as a way to celebrate LGTBIQ+ pride, give visibility, and fight for equality. Kirian Rodríguez is a straight-oriented trans man who is also a hairdresser and model. He is wearing an exclusive necklace created by the amazing hand-made jeweler Paola Back Liñares. The prism makeup was created by the MUA artist Ángel Hernández, who is also known as the drag Candy Porcelain. We also worked with the help of Amy Truj, who is Kirian’s girlfriend. The connection of this team was possible thanks to an online beauty contest called Mister Canarias Online with an inclusive philosophy. This series is related to identity which is one constant in the work of the visual artist Seigar. The diverse artists involved in this series believe in equality and are ready to fight for it through art and to keep on the revolution of love.


Creative Director and Photographer: Seigar @jseigar
Model and Hairdresser: Kirian Rodríguez @kirian_rb93
Online Inclusive Beauty Contest: Mister Canarias Online @mrcanarion
Jeweler: Paola Back Liñares @kunstarte_paola_back_linares
MUA: Ángel Hernández @porci.muah @iamcandyporcelain
Assistant: Amy Truj @amy_love_baby26

Seigar is a passionate travel, street, social-documentary, conceptual, and pop visual artist based in Tenerife, Spain. He feels obsessed with the pop culture that he shows in his works. He is a fetishist for reflections, saturated colors, curious finds, and religious icons. He has explored photography, video art, and collage. He also writes for some media. His main inspirations are traveling and people. His aim as an artist is to tell tales with his camera, creating a continuous storyline from his trips, encounters, and experiences. His most ambitious projects so far are his Plastic People, a study on anthropology and sociology that focuses on the humanization of the mannequins he finds in the shop windows all over the world, and his Tales of a City, an ongoing urban photo-narrative project taken in London. He is a philologist and also works as a secondary school teacher. He is a self-taught visual artist, though he has done a two years course in advanced photography and one in cinema and television. He has participated in several exhibitions and his works have been featured in many publications. He has collaborated with different media such as VICE and WAG1. He writes for Dodho, The Cultural, Red Hot Monde, Intra Mag, and Memoir Mixtapesabout pop culture. Lately, he has experimented deeply with video forms. His last interest is documenting identity. Recently, he received the Rafael Ramos García International Photography Award.


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