“The Shifting of Gender Expression” by Lauren Cavalcante

“A Trans Body”

Relief woodblock
40×26 on Yupo paper

“Queer Energy”

Relief woodblock with chine-colé
40×26 on Yupo paper


Relief woodblock prints with chine-colé


Lauren Cavalcante, is a 31 year old queer Brazilian, Boston based printmaker. When they create art, they express themselves in the most intense, and evocative way possible, They carve, scribble, tear, until their work is complete. 

Lauren began sketching while living abroad in Ireland, and after returning to Sao Paulo without direction, decided to pursue visual arts. Ten years later they Graduated during a global pandemic from Mass art with a degree in fine arts. Their most recent work explores queer themes, specifically the trauma of gender expectations. 

Their work slowly shifts from the pain and suffering of personal trauma, to the pain and suffering of oppression. Having observed the political realities of queerness in Brazil and the United States, they explore these experiences in their work. 

As a queer immigrant, they have always felt the need to focus their art on queer liberation. Their current body of work confronts issues of gender expression, the feeling of being othered; how one feels oppressed in this world through race, sex, gender, work and social class. They use a visual language that expresses energy, violence and tenderness, with poetic passion. They look to evoke an emotional response from the audience, specifically their queer peers . @lauren_cavaart

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