Thus Said Lee Hazan by Liora Hassan

Masterpiece- mixed paint (a shade without a name)

I am the horned one, the loud and greedy imp

I come from pogroms and shtetls and black market souvenirs

Yellow rice, plantains, and a Wall Street Latino

Old words; old like trees, old like hate

Mispronounced faith, stolen and demonized

every Jew you’ve ever met

I am the witch, the weird, the what

the party game, the either-or

Purgatory and grey

Not enough and too much

I am the alien that haunts the corner- 

The Queen of Wands

Awake and alone, I count my words

like items for auction

I sell my parts for compliments

My body is claimed, stamped

I am light-

perception itself.

Liora Hassan is a recent graduate of the University of Pittsburgh. They use she/they pronouns and the various aspects of their identity play an integral role in their work. Liora has a B.A. in English Writing and is passionate about the intersection of education and spirituality. She primarily writes poetry and fiction but dabbles in visual mediums as well.

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