“Truth” by Don DiestrO

LA born and raised indie-pop/R&B artist Don DiestrO has released his new single “Trust,’‘ a vibey combination of synth keys, vintage drum samples and a funky slap bass line that lay the perfect foundation for his smooth vocals, floating effortlessly over the feel-good offering. The single highlights both the highs and lows that come with exploring a newfound love – there’s the carefree bliss, the moments where one feels invincible, and then there are the hardships, the bumps in the road that are inevitable when channeling deep emotional vulnerability. Listeners join Don DiestrO as he explores the entire spectrum of love on his latest self-produced, mixed and mastered summer single.

Accompanying the single release is the official video directed by Davon Lavor, Drew Robinson and Don himself. The video, influenced by the French New Wave film era, gives viewers the intimate backseat perspective as we join Don and his lover on a road trip down the California coast. Together, co-star/social media influencer Sydney Stanford and Don breathe life into the captivating narrative, the story of two young lovers grappling with what it means to truly give someone your all, experiencing all that comes with a fresh romance.

“Trust” is the lead single from Don DiestrO’s forthcoming EP Wish You Well which is set to release June 2021. Wish You Well is preceded by his 2019 debut EP Dear Summer featuring his most popular track to date “Belizean Queen” as well as a string of singles released throughout 2020 including More Than Friends and Skin Too Black.”

Listen to Trust here

Don DiestrO’s musical journey isn’t your typical “finding yourself as an artist” story. Growing up in Torrance, the southern region of Los Angeles, Don wasn’t surrounded by like-minded creatives, and he didn’t know any musicians that he could consistently work with. As a result, he spent countless hours solo-searching on the internet for music inspiration and making beats on Fruity Loops, and after years of practice, his craft began to garner the attention of various rappers as he honed in on his Dom Kennedy-esque production style. This prompted his move to Inglewood, setting the stage for his entrance into the West Coast trap scene as a producer. He quickly made a name for himself, producing for breakthrough LA rappers including Neff The Pharaoh, RJMrLa and more. What people didn’t know is at the time, while he was establishing his place in the LA trap scene, he was also experimenting with his own personal music behind closed doors – music he had never shared with anyone. His secret alter-ego as an indie-pop/R&B artist slowly became where he felt most at home, and he no longer felt fulfillment as a trap producer. Ironically, it took a music making hiatus for Don to find himself as an artist. For the first time since he was a child, he was able to be a fan again, and he learned his taste aligned most with the sounds of the underground indie scene. With no pressure attached, he allowed himself to organically create, and lo and behold, he solidified that he really was a trap producer turned indie artist (and still, nobody knew). He slowly began sharing the music he was making, and this influential period turned into his 2019 debut EP Dear Summer, the first big leap for him in the right direction as a solo artist. Since then, he has released a string of singles including “More Than Friends” and “Skin Too Black.” Don DiestrO will release his second EP Wish You Well June 2021. @itsdondiestro

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