“Woman Walking- Stacey Abrams” by Solena Martina Fordham Aguilar

I originally created the women walking as a way to symbolize the leaders who have come before us and have paved the way for us to fight against the continued systemic inequalities and racial injustices. I wanted to acknowledge the progress that we have made so far and that even in our small defeats, we are fighting for larger ideas of liberation. After the 2020 election and all of the amazing work that Stacy Abrams did to secure the votes for people in Georgia, I decided to create a collage with the “Walking Women” piece and add her on top of the glass to symbolize the barriers she has broken. This is a physical piece that I created with prints, acrylic paint, and a palette knife.

Artist Statement:

Solena Martina Fordham Aguilar is a queer Latina artist and graphic designer from San Francisco, California specializing in branding and digital content creation. She received her BFA in Art and Design from California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo, and focused her academic career supporting students of color, first-generation students, and underrepresented groups through news media and storytelling. Solena is the visual coordinator for Pansita Llena, a mutual aid organization advocating for food justice in farm working families on the Central Coast, and the graphic designer for Community Roots Project, an organization fighting racial injustice through advocacy and photography. Solena has recently relocated to New York City, and hopes to continue to work with news outlets and community organizations to support activists through digital media.

Instagram: @sol_gurl

Website: https://solenaaguilar.net .

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