A WOMAN by ROHI (click for video)

Finding humor in the irony that life tends to dish out, this artist takes her audience on a psychological journey through her emotional battle ground. This piece of work is part of her ROHIxNHO project in which ROHI continues to reveal her intimate perception of life while exposing her own vulnerabilities, in doing so invites … Read moreA WOMAN by ROHI (click for video)

From Palestine, With Love by Citrine Ghraowi

I can see the rage shaking in my bones, cracked ribspassed down from generation to generationOur mere existence is a threat to allas it should beFor I don’t just feel my angerbut my mothers my sitosmy khalos my aunties I can feel the memories of their past lives in Gaza in the way they describe … Read moreFrom Palestine, With Love by Citrine Ghraowi

CIELITO LINDO By Amber Barrios

A moving bus. MARINA, a 17 year old girl with two endlessly long dutch braids and ribbons sits next to her best friend JOANNA whose hair has an entire bottle’s worth of gel on her head to form the most perfect bun also decorated with colorful ribbons. They each have a Jansport backpack under the … Read moreCIELITO LINDO By Amber Barrios

chased gold by Sam Park

there is gold in my veins;that is why i am considered a delicacy it seems not for all fools,but for fools with a fetish… they rush in my direction(simply for my complexion) and i endure it to protectthe vessel that reflects the inner flecks of delicate giltthat flake and flow beneath my flesh. my culture … Read morechased gold by Sam Park

misdiagnosis by Debasis Tripathy

Breaking the protocols, I enter this privileged world,Uninvited, and resolve to hang in here, just likeA famous madman who had adopted a godless religionAnd filled the white pages with sacred profanities. My condition is diagnosed as unreasonableness,And they prescribe a heavy dose of practicality;bitter pills, meant for midlife menopause. I protest,But I am pregnant with … Read moremisdiagnosis by Debasis Tripathy

A Ray of Hope by Victoria Acuna

Good Morning, The sun has risen again to find me laying in bed.Its rays beam through the curtainless windows,Oranges, yellows, and reds, all translucent and mystic,Fill the room with their dreamy hellos. Never seen a purer sight. What a day to have awoken to.Pure bliss floats through the air. Something good will surely arrive today. … Read moreA Ray of Hope by Victoria Acuna

Shaqui Reed: Designer & Artist

Shaqui Reed’s work examines areas of imperfections expressed by irregularity, incompleteness, rawness, and simplicity. Her designs typically involve deconstructing, distressing, layering, and piecing together what is left behind. Her textile works speak of the color and texture of her fears. Her fears are represented through the roughness of the denim and the different shades of … Read moreShaqui Reed: Designer & Artist

Jessica Carvajal Artwork

Analog Artwork H2CO3 This piece illustrates the consequences of human activity on marine life and air quality, the graphic interpretation shows the reaction of the natural dissolution of daily CO2 emissions by the oceans which forms carbonic acid H2CO3 and thus increases the concentration of the hydrogen ion, which is responsible for the decrease in … Read moreJessica Carvajal Artwork

“GOODGOOD” by Murielle

Cover Photo by Dominique Falcon, edited by Anna Koblish Fenty lipgloss, sticky skin and cheap guys in Stüssy are a few things we miss about Brooklyn bars after being stuck in the house for far too long. Murielle, a Belgium born Congolese-American pop star, welcomes us back with a bang. “GOODGOOD,” written in her childhood … Read more“GOODGOOD” by Murielle

“Optemos” by Vanessa Zamora ft Caloncho

‘OPTEMOS’ is a song that I wrote during a moment of uncertainty and disconnection with myself. Inspired by waking up every day on automatic pilot and believing the lie that I am happy in a place that does not allow me to grow. It is the assimilation that You are no longer happy and that … Read more“Optemos” by Vanessa Zamora ft Caloncho

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