‘To Stars 2″ by Zakhele and Dunn

‘To Stars 2 is the second installment in a series of joint projects by the producer/rapper duo consisting of NY artists, Zakhele and Dunn. This is the first full-length album by the two, though at just under 21 minutes long, it certainly doesn’t overstay it’s welcome. The album’s sample-ridden production, thoughtfully carried out by Zakhele, serves as a fitting backdrop for Dunn to lay their patented stream-of-conscious-style raps on top of. In a short amount of time, they cover a wide range of topics including infatuation, self-confidence, vices etc. The front cover itself is an indication of the care-free, yet woeful at times, tone of the album.

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Zakhele and Dunn, aka ‘to Stars, are a New York born and bred duo from the East Village and Harlem, respectively. Although both artists are capable of making beats as well as writing raps, these two have found that they’re at their best together when Zakhelehandles the bulk of the production and Dunn the lyrical content. The two have an undeniable chemistry that is illuminated in their self-titled series of collaborative projects – ‘to Stars 2 being the most recent. @whatistobedunn @zakhelewele

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