A Ray of Hope by Victoria Acuna

Good Morning,

The sun has risen again to find me laying in bed.
Its rays beam through the curtainless windows,
Oranges, yellows, and reds, all translucent and mystic,
Fill the room with their dreamy hellos.

Never seen a purer sight.

What a day to have awoken to.
Pure bliss floats through the air.

Something good will surely arrive today.

Victoria Acuna knew at a young age that music + art culture was something she needed to be part of and with that gut feeling the Southern California native began producing local music events and creating art of different mediums at the age of fifteen in her small desert town. In September 2009 she made the leap to the vast jungle that is LA and aligned herself with punk and DIY promoters like, FYF, Part Time Punks to entrench herself in the scene and spent her time documenting her community of fellow art and music lovers via photography. She spent her early 20s creating interactive art pieces for music events, curating music playlist and dj sets for la venues, as well as continuing her love of creating mixed medium art and publishing zines filled with advice for the hopeless romantic. Today, Victoria is taking the time to explore her decade old writings to inspire her latest project, an 8 song EP that will be released in early fall.

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