Art by Ray

“All tools and mediums from graffiti to fine arts is used to build what are essentially are the expressions of a self taught, New Yorker Conflicted. I don’t know what kind of relationship other painters have with their work but for me at least, I create somewhere on the cusp of explosive frustration and the compulsive desire to be understood through what is the makings of my subconscious. I often don’t realize how much of my actual identity Bleeds through my work until the piece is complete and sometimes even beyond that.”

Comedic Prowess

Arrested Development

The Examined Life

A Vision of Basquiat

Cypher Complete

Bare Witness

“Raised half my life in the South Bronx And the other half in Lower Manhattan In a Dominican house hold my experience in the City has been quite polarizing. The internal clash of cultures living in me has always been interesting to observe as I often see how impactful the access to art is. Among other things Mental health has come to shape me as an artist considering I was diagnosed with schizophrenia at 20 years old. From roaming the streets half insane. From heart breaking losses, being homeless, living like a social outcast for almost a year to having my works sold at my actual asking price, I truly want anyone reading this to identify what they love and to persist relentlessly” – Ray @everything.stopped

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