“GOODGOOD” by Murielle

Cover Photo by Dominique Falcon, edited by Anna Koblish

Fenty lipgloss, sticky skin and cheap guys in Stüssy are a few things we miss about Brooklyn bars after being stuck in the house for far too long. Murielle, a Belgium born Congolese-American pop star, welcomes us back with a bang.

“GOODGOOD,” written in her childhood basement at the peak of quarantine, is an injection of (much needed) carefree energy and rhythm–the new hit song of the summer. With its Destiny’s Child inspired backing vocals and bouncing percussion, the track is guaranteed to get you on your feet.

Video Credits:

Director @ktpaul
Producer @aili.nicholson
AD @evian.official
DP @lorenzopacedop
1st AC @agustinabiasutto
PA @spaulll
Color @eliascolors
Wardrobe @whoizzzshe
Dress Designs @keama.official
Makeup @ruthie_n_black
Choreographer @solundy
Dancers @bondtwins
Guest Appearance @perrishoward
Photography/BTS @domalommm
Photo Editing @annakoblish
BTS Photo @grumpy_griff

Song Credits:

Song Written/Vocal Produced by @muri.elle__
Song produced by @chrismelh
Additional Production/Mix/Master @jackkleinick

Listen to GOODGOOD here

From leading Destiny’s Child rehearsals on the playground to spearheading her own sound, Murielle (mu-ree-ELLE) has always interpreted music as a (spiritual and) bodily experience. 

The Belgium-born, Congolese-American grew up on the melodies and rhythms of Congolese Gospel, Rumba and Opera mixed with early 2000s R&B and Pop. Paired with the smell of frying plantains, these contrasting soundscapes served as infinite inspiration. Mixing vocal production techniques of girl groups, ambient electronic elements and heart-beat like percussion, she creates her own world.

Laced in her maman’s gold, freshly pressed tips and frosted lip gloss, Murielle is exactly what she looks like: your new favorite popstar. @muri.elle_

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