“In the Cold” by Haley Grey and Lily Stern

This song was probably one of the hardest songs to write emotionally. It came out of a time when I was so depressed I wasn’t writing or singing at all. It took me months until I felt like I could seriously face the issues/memories that were bothering me the most. So writing the song forced me to look at the experience head-on until it couldn’t have power over me anymore. What came out in my musical collaboration with producer Lily Stern made the song stronger than I could have imagined. Needless to say, I am very happy to share with you all. 

Listen to In the Cold here: Spotify / iTunes

Haley Grey is genre-bending jazz and alternative R&B singer from San Francisco, CA. She draws inspiration from her own life and vivid dreams. Her current project is a collaboration with jazz bassist and producer Lily Sterns. Their debut single In the Cold is out now on all streaming platforms. 

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