Jessica Carvajal Artwork

Analog Artwork


This piece illustrates the consequences of human activity on marine life and air quality, the graphic interpretation shows the reaction of the natural dissolution of daily CO2 emissions by the oceans which forms carbonic acid H2CO3 and thus increases the concentration of the hydrogen ion, which is responsible for the decrease in the pH of the ocean. This situation contributes to the warming of the oceans, the dissolution of calcium structures such as coral reefs, and radical changes in the physiology, feeding, and reproduction of marine species.

Cycles of Interest

The piece captures the basic elements that build the concepts of wilderness and civilization, and also communicates the possibility of a sustainable system. This would allow us to live a civilized life with low environmental damage where renewable energies are profitable as the exploitation of fossil fuels, technological advances are developed within the forms and functioning of nature, and it is understood that the destruction of the environment is not a form of progress.

50% Off Self-Destruction

The piece captures the concept of global warming from a critical perspective where the production, use, and disposal of products for massive use was focused, as one of the main sources of air degradation and atmospheric damage, this situation consequently contributes to the acidification of the ocean, increase in planetary temperature, and disappearance and displacement of species from their original habitats, thus causing a global destabilization to satisfy our disposable needs.

Digital Artwork


The piece offers a graphic perspective of the process of experimental self-observation or experimental introspection, which has been defined by psychology as the human capacity for self-knowledge based on the stimulation of memories, behaviors, learning, and emotions with the objective of becoming aware of mistakes and finally generating psychological-personal growth. 

This is Life

The piece invites us to question the idea of tranquility, joy, satisfaction, and perhaps existence in challenging times such as what we have had to go through in 2020-2021 years. We have had to modify the concept of happiness to small spaces. people, and activities, making us ask how much value screen, vices, hobbies, and emotional health have when the universally indefinite future reduces our existence to hope?

Our Reality

The main objective of this piece is to represent the stories, thoughts, and important events that our BIPOC community has witnessed this year. The piece seeks to bring together the history of struggle in a single image, where the viewer has a general panorama of the importance of the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement, who are part of it, and the losses our community has suffered. This illustration is a call to reflect and question the idea of justice and freedom in our modern society.

Philadelphia based illustrator, Jessica Carvajal studied Industrial design in Colombia and Public art in Philadelphia, she found her passion for visual arts when she discovered how one imagen can represent, empower or move communities for common causes, she considers that it is important to recognize the impact that optical messages are playing in modern culture and how can we can capture and share ideas, believes, and stories with others through the universal visual language. @jessika_carvajal_garavito

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