“Jilladelphia” by Hyghed

Jilladelphia” is an ode to both Jill Scott as well as the city. Hyghed tries to show the beauty behind the City of Brotherly Love while incorporating a plethora of landmarks from each part of town throughout this visual. The song & video is a classic. Even with all the adversity people face on the daily basis, it’s always sunny in Philadelphia. Check out his latest project The Real Mūli & get in tune with @hyghed across all platforms!

Listen to Hyghed here

Hyghed is a hip-hop artist from North Philly who found his eclectic love for all music as a child listening to artists ranging from Billie Holiday to Rakim. Since studying music history and theory at SJU, Hyghed has been using his ear for harmony, intonation, and unique rhythm to compose projects with a multitude of sound portfolios. Hyghed may be the most versatile artist coming out of the city of Philadelphia. @hyghed

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