Metal & Stone Creations by Lizette Bez

Metal & Stone Creations is a handmade jewelry brand embodying the raw and refined characteristics of the natural world. Using traditional metalsmithing techniques and natural stones, I use colors and symbols into the designs and each piece carries the mark of handmade craftsmanship. The love for nature goes beyond design – each piece is created using recycled metals and ethically sourced materials.

I create handmade jewelry made to last a lifetime, with dedication to making each piece a one-
of-a-kind. I’m drawn to making jewelry as an art form because jewelry is a powerful
communicator and has been used throughout history as symbols of power, spirituality, and
beauty. From Ancient Egypt to Pre-Columbian traditions into today’s trends, jewelry continues to be an important part of cultural and individual identity.

Bringing together two worlds, the aesthetic is a mix of Ecuadorian and French influences.
Spending much of my youth in Ecuador, I was exposed to nature and traditional teachings about the connection of the natural and spiritual world, which developed a strong influence in my creative process. I incorporate art nouveau and Andean cosmology into the designs, blending symbols and natural elements with minimalism. New limited collections are introduced each season where designs reflect the energy of the season and specific stones are used to channel the story behind the collections.

Lizette Bez is a traditional metalsmith and Jewelry Designer at Metal and Stone Creations. She trained as a traditional metalsmith in Quito, Ecuador by Master Jewelers with techniques not common in the States. After returning to the DC area, she further developed skills in workshops at the Art League of Alexandria and Escuela Colombiana de Alta Joyería in deisgn and metalwork. Metal & Stone Creations can be found in pop ups in the DMV area and online at

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