NEVERNOTHING by sectiontoo

“I released this album on June 15th of last year. George Floyd had just died a few days before so the country was in utter turmoil. I decided to use this opportunity for people to purchase this album and I donated all of the process (over $1500) to the families of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor. “

When describing Queens, NY-based artist/singer-songwriter sectiontoo, the word “complacent” should never enter the conversation. Upon first adopting the moniker, sectiontoo (real name Sean Lawrence) made it his mission to never give listeners the same thing twice. He delivers on this promise with 2021’s NEVERNOTHING. Building on the foundation of the sticky, hook-laden 2019 EP Portrait and its stunning 2020 full-length follow-up Cascade Effect (along with several equally high-quality singles in between), NEVERNOTHING showcases his growing versatility as a songwriter and performer, and eagerness to push and stretch himself creatively. The project packs a sonic punch in its short-but-sweet 18-minute runtime, expanding on themes of growth and self-affirmation explored on earlier releases, this time with unabashed confidence in delivery and voice. With a discography growing in quantity and quality, sectiontoo is a name to watch in 2021. 

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