“Optemos” by Vanessa Zamora ft Caloncho

‘OPTEMOS’ is a song that I wrote during a moment of uncertainty and disconnection with myself. Inspired by waking up every day on automatic pilot and believing the lie that I am happy in a place that does not allow me to grow. It is the assimilation that You are no longer happy and that every time that person says “my love” to you, it is as if you forgot to love yourself. ‘OPTEMOS’ tells the story of mutually learning how to let go and understanding that you have to move on from where you are in order to continue evolving.” 

The single was co-produced by Vanessa Zamora (in Mexico City) alongside Mateo Lewis (in Austin, TX), who also mixed and mastered the track. The cover photo was taken by Fer Casillas and the graphics were provided by Nef Espino (Productora Productora). 

The video was directed and photographed by Daniel Alanis and produced by Fer Casillas.

Listen to Optemos here: Spotify / Youtube

Vanessa Zamora is a Mexican singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist originally from the iconic city of Tijuana, Baja California.Vanessa’s music is a journey through the less explored sides of pop, guided by the eclectic and psychedelic. Her velvety voice sustains melodies that confront the truth of her emotions and the rawness of her psychedelic while building a soundscape that envelops you in an emotional awakening.Vanessa’s personality shines through and her mind burns bright as she performs each song, making it clear that she is one of the strongest and most promising artists of her generation.

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