“Space” by Descendent

My new single ‘Space’ featuring iamchelseaiam and produced by Arthur Ray is the second single from my new EP “Mentally Drained” coming in the Summer of ’21. The song comes from the emotion of ending a relationship and one person wants to be friends, but the other does not, wanting space from the situation. Needing time to reflect on a relationship that did not work out is not always a bad thing, asking for space helps us grow and move on with our lives. The music video is directed by Binnie Musa.

Listen to Space here

Descendent is a champion of black culture, at home and abroad. Through songwriting and film-making, the Bronx-based artist seeks to illuminate and celebrate the cultural strength of the Pan-African diaspora, specifically of African American art. Starting from his hometown of Newport News, Virginia, he dives into the roots of African American storytelling: music and oral history. They become his vehicle to not only remember the history of his ancestors but also connect with the communities around him. He believes that through history, African Americans can liberate themselves creatively and financially. And furthermore, that it can relate to African people worldwide. He follows in the footsteps of his Hip-Hop forefathers. Both musicians such as Mos Def and Tupac, but also directors like John Singleton and Spike Lee. He invites you to join him on this journey.

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