Barely we own here
“Here does not welcome us any longer”
Mama purged out her shuddered voice
Shrinking between her thighs
Are verses of fear.

“Who bears the sacrifice? The gods are ill”
Father spread his dying palms
Like the morning spreading of a solitary palm tree under the advice of the wind.

Here isn’t a home any longer;
she’s become a temple of sleepless ghosts.

©Yusuf BM

Yusuf BM is a writer, poet, graphic designer, passionate photographer, motivational speaker and prolific blogger. He is the 3rd winner of Korean Nigeria Poetry Competition (2017-Student Category) He is currently the Administrative secretary of Hill – Top Creative Arts foundation, member of the SEVHAGE Publishers, Raising New Voices, Nigerian Writers Forum, as well as the CEO of Mammoth Spectrum Media and Yusuf BM Sickle Cell Foundation.

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