“Crackpot Seminary” by Doren

Crackpot Seminary is a project about Doren’s experiences growing up and going to high school in New York City. Each song represents a different aspect of his experience. From the angst and longing to see more of the city in Break the Rules, to the anxiety he felt about sharing his art in Drifting, and the panic, sadness and feelings of isolation in October, each track represents a different aspect of Doren’s experiences and how they manifested during the time.

Listen to Crackpot Seminary on Distrokid, Spotify, and iTunes.

About the Artist:

Doren is a singer, rapper, trumpet player and producer from Brooklyn, NY. While music has
always been a part of his life, he realized his passion for writing and producing about five years ago. Doren Just released his debut EP Crackpot Seminary which is currently on all platforms.

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