Don’t Forget to Breathe by Malik Temple

While navigating a clinical depression that had start to consume more of my life, an oppressive job with a boss that was synonymous to Joseph Stalin as I’m trying to teach underserved students during a pandemic, balancing financial struggles during a time of financial turmoil, and trying to find peace in MY black experience in the midst of so much hate… I wrote this song as a reminder to step back and rely on a simple body function.

The “verses” are simple and have airy noises that are meant to mimic the healing that goes in through the nose and out through the mouth, as a point of pause. The “choruses” are more active and are meant to encourage hope as you gear up to fight back the weight of the world, toward mental stability. I hope that this helps and caresses you as you travel to a better place physically, mentally, spiritually, an emotionally.

Malik Temple was born and raised in Largo, Maryland, before moving to the Chicago suburbs for college. Band has been an integral part of his life since the 5th grade which has allowed him to meet amazing and talented people, as well as being a mentor for his students. Music has allowed him to perform domestically and internationally in the Presidential Inaugural Parade, the London New Year’s Day Parade Concert Series, and arrange music on a team for the Dove Award Nominated Musical Still: The Artistry and Life of Fanny J. Crosby Reimagined. Malik plays in Reggae, Jazz, Neo-soul, and orchestral groups in the Chicagoland area.Outside of playing, Temple is entering his 6 years as a music educator and has taught Band (marching, concert, jazz), General Music, and Choir, for grades in K-12 in low-income areas. In his spare time, Malik enjoys reading biographies of influential figures and finding hidden gem local restaurants while on trips. 

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