“Entries” by Desde

Cover Art by Sarah Garfur @alrighhhh

Desde’s first solo project ‘Entries’ is a simple and layered tape peeking into the paradox of life. ‘Entries’ was inspired by a journal, the freedom of honesty of having moments to yourself to reflect on self and where you land in the world. Desde is an artist born and still being raised in Brooklyn. The world, like them, is constantly changing. How do they deal with it all these changes? They vent and reflect. Nudges at their childhood reflection is shown in ‘weather vanes’; “Course I love the colors, took it in from Crown Gardens. Right off President, my lil home was heaven sent…”. While shit hits the fan in the real world, all they can do is watch and grasp the fleeting moments of comfort that remain to stay grounded. These moments make us feel such a range of things, and from ‘i’m bothered’ to ‘in the range // protected’’, we feel the weight of moving and existing in the world in our bodies and spirits. Anyone can relate to everything they touch on, the pain, sadness, anger, craving for hope, the glory of accepting the things we can’t change. All of this is just channeled into this tape with the context of their life. 

About the Artist:

Desde is a Brooklyn native, turned artist who raps and commits to making music as true to them as possible. They are one part of Planet Locale, a collective of NYC artists. Follow them on IG at @desdebk

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