“Paper Maps” by Julia Matsumoto

Made in Washington DC, these photographs are a negotiation of movement and paths to and from a home base. 

As a maker, I work to be untangling. I want to dwell with the tangible things I notice,  whether the quickly blooming tree outside this window, how to make rice, or the  patterns of people walking. The only detectable consistency in my practice is amusing  these noticings. I manipulate my fascinations through methods of repetition, layering  and accumulation, making new visual representations of items or concepts – a repository  of distortions. What lies exposed from these distortions are alluring balances and  instabilities, a wavering in times and objects.”

Julia Asami Matsumoto is from New York City. Her work is a negotiation with the  ordinary, with ideas of time, and with processes of making. She works to highlight and  obstruct certain elements of what we experience and to dislodge viewers from usual,  visual encounters with temporality and materiality. Juliamatsumoto.com 

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