signed and delivered by Alyssa Bardge

“A constant theme that I accentuate in my work whether it is in my poetry, or most recently, in my collage work is the celebration of the forms black folks beautifully arrive in. Black folks are radiant and infinite. Our speech is eloquent in the way that it bends. Our thoughts are unparalleled. I created these pieces as a love letter to us because we will always be here long beyond our physical manifestations.”

Alyssa Bardge (she/they) is an author, poet, and collage artist based in Riverside, California. A constant theme that they accentuate in their work is humanizing their experience as a queer black person. Therefore, Alyssa’s work is an ongoing personal narrative that showcases the cyclical nature of multiplicity and metamorphism. Conceptualizing and re-conceptualizing what it means to be a revolutionary also holds space in their work. The main goal of their life is imparting love through the crafting of words and other mediums of expression. You can find their work on Instagram @/abardge and

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