“Sometimes” by Moahi

Sometimes is the newest single from Moahi. Based in Cape Town, this is the latest offering from the highly creative and unique artist. 23 year old South African singer-songwriter Moahi elevates vibrations with his beautifully soothing voice as he encapsulates listeners through his honest lyrics and good energy. Sometimes written by Moahi and produced by Wurlishmouk is a song about missing a person you once cared for deeply, smelling their fragrance on your clothes, remembering special moments shared, reminiscing about their qualities that made an everlasting impression on you. Sometimes is a relatable song which doesn’t hold back from the message that is being portrayed. Being straightforward and honest with oneself and saying it how it is. Moahi speaks for many through Hip/Hop and R&B beats that compliment his voice so nicely. Percussion beats, piano, interesting elements and satisfactory falsetto is a great combo. 

About the Artist:

Moahi, the 23 year old artist behind Sometimes, was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, and moved down to Cape Town in 2019 to become more fully divulged in his creative process and evolve as an artist. Moahi began songwriting, recording and producing at the age of 16, experimenting with music with a friend from school cultivating his unique sound along the way. Moahi also composes neo-classical piano pieces, and started playing piano at the age of 14. He draws his musical inspiration from indie and bedroom pop, as well as R&B and hip hop. Moahi’s music follows a lofi/DIY feel as he began making music on his own and it serves as a reminder to how he fell in love with making music. Moahi credits Joep Beving, Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino and many more as innovators that have inspired him on his musical journey. Moahi’s EP is underway along with a visual EP – Moahi has a love for directing music videos and is very excited about this upcoming chapter in his story.

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