Artwork by Zhigang

“Illustrations from a Small Island”
“Scotland Bookshop”
“Family Picnic”
“Red Underpants”
“Durian’s Fans”
“Dog in the Subway”
“Gay Pride”
“Childhood’s memories”

Zhigang is an artist and illustrator from China. He graduated from the Arts University Bournemouth from MA in illustration with distinction degree. He is currently working as a freelance illustrator and also working as an art teacher on his own studio in Shenzhen, China. He likes to capture the moments and narratives occurring around me as he is most interested in real life. Hand-drawn observational images are combined with the digital in depicting landscapes, architecture, animals, food and humans, both individually and in crowds. He is interested in editorial, book cover, advertising, package design, portrait, and food illustration etc. He already collaborated with different clients around the world, such as Artwort, Are We Europe, Still Listening Magazine, Menelique Magazine, Almost Magazine, Bloom Magazine, Shameless Magazine, Selvedge Magazine, Cazzo Magazine etc. @z_zhigang

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