Degrade by Lē

Degrade is an experimental slow-fashion label currently making biodegradable bespoke accessories. This center highlights the importance of sustainability in fashion in our current day and age. With each order, we create your items locally from scratch that are dedicated to our clients. Future goals for Degrade include collaborating with like minded creatives and organizations across all fields that look to uplift sustainable and ethically innovative practices in their design processes and systems! Degrade also aims to expand into customizing bespoke biodegradable wearables for clients through this online store.

The founder & designer, Lē, creates one-of-a-kind biodegradable & compostable accessories for each client with current options of sterling silver or gold-filled jewelry hardware.

Each biomaterial textile and accessory item was executed by the designer Lē, from the creation of the biomaterial to its construction.

Degrade officially launched their online bespoke shop on October 30th, and are currently offering compostable citrus jewelry in the form of drops and chokers with the options of 14K Gold-Fill and Sterling Silver hardwares. Follow them on Instagram for further updates!

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