“eat ur greens” by Gayathri Krishnan

“eat ur greens featuring SisterCody was inspired by Louise Haye a motivational speaker and author. Through her tapes and books, she has inspired me to make positive changes in my life. My mother introduced me to her to help me take steps towards accepting and loving myself. The intention for this track was so that people could listen while they practice self-care, whatever that means to them. I dedicate this song to my mom and Louise, this song is a hug from me to you. Enjoy and eat ur greens.”

Listen to eat ur greens here: Spotify / Apple Music / Youtube

Gayathri Krishnan is a singer-songwriter from Irvine, CA. Her eclectic style can be credited to her childhood roots in Carnatic music (the classical South Indian music system) as well as influences from contemporary R&B music. Krishnan’s debut EP Create To Express is a culmination of unique melodies, lush harmonies, and hypnotic rhythms. She enjoys writing about topics of self-love, gratitude and empowerment. @gayathriikrishnan

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