“Gardenia Dreams” by Estereomance

“Gardenia Dreams” presents a bilingual poppy and upbeat track laced with a sunny disposition. The song showcases an evolution for the band as artists and people, who have taken their respective time in quarantine to push the frontiers of their exploration from their production, sound and language use. 

On their latest, hazy dream-pop overtones are met with tinges of disco synths, soulful vocals and percussion laced beats. Lyrically, their song navigates the happier side that comes with  giving in and letting go. Much like jumping into the waves of the vast greatness of the ocean’s waters, “Gardenia Dreams,” takes the listener on the exploration of leaping into the vast unknown of loves’ offerings. Without the fixation of where things are going or what’s coming next, the song centers around the euphoric feelings that can arise when you simply attune to enjoying the time being spent on a journey with someone. 

Paulina Reza shares “It was a different type of creating atmosphere, most of it was done via the internet as I am in Juarez, and the others are in the U.S. It reflects the place where we are, we are having fun and the audience can feel the happiness.” 

The colorful music video, which visually depicts their concept of the freeing nature of jumping all in and enjoying the vastness of the unknown, was filmed on the beaches of Puerto Vallarta. Check it out at the link  below. 

Listen to Gardenia Dreams here

Estereomance is a music project conceived by Adria Del Valle, Manuel Calderon, and Paulina Reza that began in 2019. A cultural hybrid of the border town El Paso, Texas, and neighboring Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua – the budding group is the liberated voice of border emotions screaming to be heard.

Adria comes from the classical music world, playing the violin in orchestras and acting in plays. Paulina has been singing since she can remember, taking her voice to amazing places with amazing projects.  Manu has been a producer, sound engineer, bassist (he and Paulina  were previously in The Chamanas). Purposely discovering the fusion of their musical paths, they bore a melodious arsenal of lyrical weaponry that birthed Estereomance.

West Texas Soul Pop intermixes with the artists’ combined introspection, delivering an unheard global identity and sound.

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