“gotas de miel y coágulos de sangre” by Jordi Perez

Shot on 8mm film, Jordi Perez creates a world of deep blurry reds and soft visions resembling a womb. The film evokes the darkest corners of our subconscious that we only allow to come out in our most intimate relationships. The more complex things are to say, the more shame there is in letting yourself be rawly known. Those are the aspects of ourselves that we keep hidden when we are first to meet someone. There are the difficulties in maneuvering all the different layers our entanglements present, but in the end allowing love to conquer all. The film enters a dreamy labyrinth of sensuality with a poem written by Alishanee and narrated by Valentina.

Directed by Jordi Perez
Movement & Poetry by Valentina Baché Rodríguez & Alishanee Chafe-Hearmon
Co-Produced by Danse Sauvage
Production Assistants – Matias Tapia & Elijah Vincent Lobato

Jordi: What inspired gotas de miel y coágulos de sangre?

A really sad night when we cried in each other’s arms in Valentina’s bed.

What does the poem in the film mean to you?

The poem is about tenderness and allowing our truths to be seen by each other. 

Can you speak about the process of choreographing with an injured foot, how much did that change the vision if at all?

Well it put constraints on what I think of my expression but it also allowed me to explore new forms of embodying my feelings and this love that we have. 

How different is it choreographing something personal with your partner?

Learning to create with Valentina adds a new element to our relationship that I really appreciate. It’s a new context that we get to rediscover each other in and adds richness and depth to our connection.

I’m really detail oriented and I won’t even start recording until I see that everything in the shot is where it’s supposed to be usually but since the process of working with film is different – Did you enjoy working with super 8 opposed to digital?

Yes it’s definitely very different and you have to be precise and pay attention to everything that is done because each minute counts.

I’ve been on some messy sets so I try my best to make everybody heard and comfortable while being productive and having fun on set but I never really know if I achieved that goal. In comparison, how did this set differ from other sets you’ve been on?

There was the perfect amount of planning and room for spontaneity on set. I feel like we work really well with you, the vibe was casual and I felt really comfortable and open to all possibilities. You’re an amazing videographer and such a lighthearted friend. Working with you was a safe haven to learn and explore the art that we want to be creating.

Jordi Perez (he/him) is a Dominican American photographer and filmmaker based in New York City. He focuses on demystifying the intimate, mundane and surreal feelings and thoughts that we encounter on a daily basis. His work is informed by his passion for experimentation and the need to explore identity @vintageaztec

Valentina Baché Rodríguez(they/them) was born and raised in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. They moved to NYC to attend Hunter College for a BA in Dance graduating spring 2020. Currently based in Berlin, Valentina hopes to innovate motion as an endless expressive realm of possibilities with unbound honesty. @vacavache

Alishanee Chafe-Hearmon (she/her) is a multidisciplinary artist and dancer from New York City. She graduated from Hunter college in Spring 2021 and now attends danceworks Berlin. @alishaneee

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