“Pare De Sufrir” by Jarina De Marco & Esty

Eclectic pop-based, yet genre-bending laced artists Jarina De Marco and Esty come together on latest single “Pare De Sufrir,” an empowering dance track fueled by the freeing nature of leaving bad love behind.

Blending their keen sense of avant garde fashion and mastery of fusion sounds, the Dominican duo combine their magical forces to produce an effervescent sonic narration of empowering post-break up behavior. With no tears to be found, the caribbean rhythm meets electro-pop beats track finds itself in celebration of removing yourself from a less than deserving situation as a result of recognizing one’s own worth. The outcome leaves us with a colorfully playful, fun and upbeat single that dances away from heartbreak and is ready to revel in newly reclaimed freedom and the growth from lessons well learned from escaping the mediocre. 

On the single, De Marco shares: “Pare De Sufrir is a “I just broke up with my boyfriend and snapped out of the trance I was in where I thought I wasn’t a bad bitch but OF COURSE I’M A BAD BITCH and now I’m ready to move the f $#* on ” kind of song * tosses her long hair over her shoulder in spanish. Esty, Medio Picky, Stint and I made the song in an afternoon, and it felt like music magic. So if you’re ready to take off those rose colored glasses, and say bye bye to your toxic lover, who by the way does not deserve you… this track is for you.”

Listen to Pare De Sufrir here

Dominican and Brazilian recording artist Jarina De Marco embodies the sound of the multi-ethnic future. Her work definitely transcends categories and borders. She is a creative visionary who sings in four languages; English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French. Jarina spearheads all aspects of her project: songwriting, production, visual design, and video direction. As an outspoken advocate of women’s rights and human/gender equality, Jarina’s music is a unique blend of global consciousness and global rhythms. She simultaneously supports the message of resistance, while creating a colorful sound entirely her own.

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