The Daily Motions by Buddah Desmond

Welcome back to the daily motions 

Serving up lite fare—continental emotions 

Going with the motions—no standard deviation, 

no commotion 

Casual, every day, middle of the road type shit


That’s that basic bitch shit 

Ain’t nobody got time for it 

Where’s the zest?

How about the juice? 

Where’s the sticky fun?

What happened to laying it down so thick, that 

rich, buttery, maple syrup type of pleasure?

Making connections that open spaces in your mind 

you never knew existed?

Can we get what they’re having at that other table?

They’re in elation state—a modern Eden 

A kind of heaven

A soul-to-soul expedition 

A heart-to-heart space odyssey 

The daily motions have served them well

Now tell me:

what do we need to do 

to get service like that? 

Buddah Desmond (aka BDez) is a Black gay writer / poet, artist, singer, entrepreneur, and health and wellness coach / advocate. His writing highlights the gritty side of life, while offering messages of hope, love, healing, and resilience. His writing has appeared in numerous publications including MOOV, MUSED, MelaNation, LitMag 2020, No Line Left Behind,, and sana sana (vol. 1). He’s the author of three poetry projects, Prevail: Poems on Love, Life, and Politics (2012), Exotic Shifter (2014), and From The Inside Out: A Poetry Collection (2020).

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