The Dude, Jude, Died by Josh Pampam

Garaged by grief on the cliff of hope,
tied by the sour side of life with a rope.

A rope of pain, of anguish, of tears,
strained to his hardscrabble heart for years.

He feared to be a victim of autumnal depression,
That steam the air, stripe trees of succession.

He yelled! But people’s ears were too high
For his dimmed voice to climb, biles designed

His face with smile, while he wrestled
With life’s wiles, a mortal and a pestle.

After all the stamping, the tamping,
The amping of his psyche, clamping

Unto the path of breakthrough,
The dude, Jude, died without breaking through.

Josh Pampam is a Hairstylist who fell in love with poetry after his High school days, and writes it in his leisure time. He’s from Ota, in Ogun State, Nigeria. His poems have featured in many magazines like Cathartic lit, Spillwords, Praxis online magazine, Writers Space lit mag, etc. And has won himself accolades from Facebook groups and WhatsApp platforms. He is currently working as a moderator for an online Poetry Institution. In his leisure time, if Josh is not writing poems, he’s reading them.

Facebook: Josh Pampam
Twitter: @Josh_pampam
Instagram: @joshwealth16

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